Friday, June 4, 2010

It's a little bit weird

A couple years back, I used to be really active on these writing sites. I'd post stories, comment on others', spend hours on the forums, and all those writing site things.

Lately, I've barely been writing. Everything I write now is non-fiction, mainly on my blog. It's like the years have sucked out all my imagination, rendering me unable to write anything fictional. I used to be able to just pour out stories and fill up notebooks, old exercise books, or any scraps of paper I could find when inspiration hit me. Now I'm just...boring. ):

Today I logged in to one of the writing sites I'd joined just for the heck of it, to find new comments on my year-old stories. I read the stories, and it was like reading someone else's work. I can't write like that anymore. I can't craft sentences like that or convey emotion using just words anymore. A year or two back, I could. With ease.

Sigh. I really should pick up a pen and start properly writing again, but I don't know what about. Plot ideas, anyone?


  1. You mean Miiibba? Same here. I have a bookful of plot ideas and triggers but I just don't have the time to write these days =/

  2. Yep. IAR as well, although that wasn't rly.

    Well, at least you've gotten them down. Wait for the holidays and then start writing! (: