Saturday, June 12, 2010


I've been told time and time again to be careful what I post on my blog, because 'the whole world can see it'. While I do heed these words of warning, that's exactly why I blog -- because the whole world can see it. I sometimes feel as though I have something to say, and blogging is a great way to be heard as well as receive feedback *coughwinknudge*, positive or negative.

However, most of my earlier blog posts (think mid-2006) were self-absorbed, single-paragraph blips about my thoughts or the day's events. How things have changed. I now post self-absorbed thousand-word essays about my thoughts or the day's events!

Seriously, though, going through some of the posts on my old blog made me want to kick myself. Also, the URL  was just plain embarrassing. I suppose self-deprecation was in back then, huh?

While I detest almost all of my old posts, I love going through other people's. When you blog, you're preserving a thought, an emotion, a dream that you have at the time -- what you're doing is you're preserving yourself. It's so interesting to read people's old blog posts to see what they were like in the past, as compared with now. When I want to find out what someone is really like, I go to their blog -- everyone puts a little bit of themselves into their posts.

But then, your blog is what you make it, I guess. There are people who treat their blogs as diaries (which, in all honesty, isn't a very smart thing to do), or use it to post photos or recipes. You have people who update every few months, and then you have people who update more than once a day.

You know what depresses me a little bit? Dead blogs. They just...end suddenly. Sort of like The Diary of Anne Frank, except she had a valid reason for stopping.

Anyway, I'll bet you've noticed the changed I've made to my own blog. Two gripes I had about my last layout was the space for posts was so narrow (which meant extra scrolling) and the whole thing was a bit too dark for my liking. Everything looks much brighter and neater now, don't you think? Hope you like it too!

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