Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sick. AGAIN.

So much for being excited for Tokio Hotel. At the most inopportune moment (isn't it always?), I contracted some sort of bug that made me spend the last two days:
1. Sleeping
2. Tossing and turning in bed, crying from the fever
3. Not eating

And then, just as I thought I was getting better, the bug must have spread to my gut, because once I'd gotten my appetite back, I then started:
a) getting the runs while
b) dry heaving
every four hours on the dot after food, regardless of how much or how little.

It hasn't been a fun two days (three days, actually, technically), and...yeah. I'm in a terrible mood right now because I'm not even sure if I can go for the BRATs reunion today. The one that I mostly organised.

Can anyone say 'FML'?

Edit: It's been confirmed that I'm not going. The fever's back and my breakfast is doing battle in my stomach. Fndkfjuhdufkigdhkjdfugdtrs. 

Okay, okay. Bright side.
1. Iis and Edmund, who are big fans of Tokio Hotel, are getting to go. Iis especially is very happy, so I'm fine with having given up my tickets.

2. It can't be H1N1 I'm having, since I'm pretty sure diarrhea and dry heaving don't fall under the list of symptoms.
3. I am getting better.


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