Saturday, May 8, 2010

Green dogs

We've got Mock Board 1 up for the prefects. What a Mock Board is is basically a trial Board of Directors, just to see how everyone fares in their respective posts. It wasn't easy, yet putting it together seemed so casual, almost; we just stuck people where we thought they should be, moved unsatisfactory choices around a bit, and we were done.

During out meeting to decide on the Mock Board, things like "No, he's very playful", "He's good enough for [post] but I don't think he's good enough for [post]", and "I think she's really good, she knows how to handle students" were said. I was thinking about all that later, and well, wondered a bit. Weren't we judging? Isn't judging wrong? But weren't we in a position to judge them, being their seniors?

At first, what I didn't like about the whole thing was that we were judging them based on their exterior. What if they really were capable, on the inside, and we just didn't know it? I thought about it some more, though, and realised that the exterior is what's important. The exterior is what people (students and seniors alike) are going to see and therefore judge you on, so it had better be pretty damn impressive. The way you carry yourself is so important, I never realised.

Note to juniors: This is not how to act during prefects duty.
Photo from Bob.

We did, though, set aside a few who we believe have the potential to be great prefects but need a bit of 'polishing' first. We'll work on them. We'll make great prefects out of them yet.

It's going to be such a relief to step down, I tell you. No more prefect duties and prefect problems and prefect anything at all would be such a weight off our shoulders. Plus, the real junior bullying begins, hehe. I wonder what standing at pathway feels like. Or the latecomers' line, for that matter.

After almost nine years, I think I've finally finished my run as a prefect. It was good while it lasted, and I certainly wouldn't trade all those experiences it's given me for the world.

I should stop talking like this, though -- my time isn't up just yet.

We still have important stuff to do.

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