Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tokio Hotel, here I come!

I just won a pair of Tokio Hotel tix from R.AGE, The Star! All I did was translate a line from German to English, using Google Translate. The hard part was getting the words right so the meaning wouldn't be 'lost in translation' and all that.

Pic taken from the MTV Buzzworthy Blog.

The question, posted on the R.AGE Facebook page:
Translate "Lass uns laufen, Wenn die Dunkelheit kommt" into English. The first 3 people with the correct answer will win one double pass each.

And then, nineteen minutes later, came:
and the winners are: Celinne Teh Lautner, Elizabeth Jane Lawrence, Ho Hui Jan! correct answer: Let us run, if the darkness comes.

That was so easy! Assuming I get the okay from my parents, I'm going! Thankyou so much, R.AGE!


So... I have a double pass...

Who wants to come with? :P

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