Sunday, April 25, 2010


The other day, someone asked me why I'm so different in person and online. In person meaning in school, since the person was a classmate.

"You're, like, always using smilies online, so happy and cheerful... And then in real life, you're so scary, so garang like that..."

My initial reaction was to laugh it off. I am the same person. Hui Jan online and Hui Jan in person are one and the same -- what was he saying?

Then he went, "Sometimes, I wonder... Are you really like that or are you being fake? Are you faking it?"

Whoa, there. No. Hi, my name is Hui Jan, and I don't do 'fake'.

I guess, yeah, I might seem like a nicer person online because of all the 'Haha's and smilies. The thing is, Lord Voldemort could use all the smilies in existence when he's online and seem like the nicest person ever. Not, however, that I'm comparing myself to Lord Voldemort; he's just the first fictitious nasty person I thought of. (Fictitious because if I used someone off my Nasty People List as an example, I'd get into trouble for sure.)

Another thing would be my being a prefect. I take it rather seriously, and if you've seen me during duty or at prefects' fall-ins...yeah, I guess I'd understand if you thought I was scary. One thing I really cannot stand is incompetence. If you're a prefect and you don't do your thing right, the DOs (i.e. me, since Kudrat and Hwa Hong have abandoned ship -- Hwa Hong albeit temporarily) will yell at you. Nothing personal.

Also, please be fair. If you're gonna come up to me after a long, terribly hot day at school when I'm tired and sweaty and just want to sleep, don't expect me to be a right spot of sunshine. This goes for every other normal person in Samad, thanks to our insanely long school hours -- 7.30 a.m. till 2.30 p.m. three days a week, I ask you!

Anyway, I assure you that the Hui Jan online and the Hui Jan in person are identical. There is no faking. I mean what I say both online and off, and If I don't like you, I will make it quite clear.

...even with smilies added.


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