Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Driving test

So my driving test, you're probably wondering what actually went down. Not my car on the slope, that's for sure! I passed!

We who were getting retested had to wait till after all the people from Session II were done. Sitting in line, nervous as hell (it's always more pressure the second time around), we got to talking. As it turned out, all five of us who were talking had failed because of the same stupid car.

(Pic taken from -- this isn't actually the car in question.)

If you do your circuit test at SDC, don't touch the white old-model Kancil with a six-foot pole. I can't remember the license plate number exactly, but it's WKH [numbers]. I know there are 8, 6, and possibly 3 in there somewhere. I think a 4 as well. There's actually another white old-model Kancil, also WKH, but you'd better stay away from that as well, just to be safe.

When it came to our turn, they'd lined up one nice, long row of cars ready for us. At the head of the line was...yeah, that one car. I was number two in line and thus breathed a sigh of relief. Number one girl, though, who'd already failed once with that car, freaked out.

"Encik," she asked the JPJ guy. "Mesti ikut urutan punya?" ("Sir, must we [take the test] in order?")

"Ikut suka you la."

Immediately, there was a mad dash for every car but the first -- nobody wanted it, it was very obvious.

In the end, we'd all managed to grab the new-model Kancils behind the first, and one of the guys from SDC had to drive the first car out of the way. Ha!

The car I got was by no means perfect. The clutch was really high, so much that half the time I thought it wasn't in gear. (It didn't move when I eased off the clutch.) Actually putting the car into gear required some serious stomping action from my left foot to avoid that awful grinding sound.

Thank God I realised the clutch was high before tackling the slope. As it was, I wasn't exactly very quiet -- my engine, I mean. I was so convinced that my engine would die if I eased off the clutch any more and just revved the accelerator instead.

And speaking of thanking God, thank God indeed. I was praying so hard the entire time; I didn't care if I looked like a lunatic. Without God and without Grandad, I wouldn't have passed this time round. So thank Grandad as well, hehe.

So ends my driving test woes. Should be getting my P license by the end of this week -- exciting! I can't wait to drive my mom's automatic car. No more manual for me!

Also, because I had been stressing so much about driving, I'd completely forgotten that this Saturday is the state-level Scrabble tournament. Gosh. I'd done diddly-squat in preparation! Intensive training began today. Intensive, for me, means three games a day, ha. How I'm going to last through seven on the day itself, I have no idea.

Thanks so much to everyone who wished me luck for my driving test! Now you all can wish me luck for Scrabble! Haha!

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