Saturday, April 24, 2010


Midterms in less than a month.
Scrabble nationals in a little over a month.
Trials in about...three months?
SPM in six months.

There is constant talk in my house of all sorts of colleges and all sorts of universities in all sorts of places. Applications and entrance exams and "they only accept 99% TERs" and stuff like that. Do I really need to be dumped with all this now? Now, when I'm worrying about studies and Scrabble? Is all this really something I want to be preoccupied with right now?

I haven't touched my Form Four work. I still have tuition and homework and tuition homework.

I'm already seventeen, only seventeen. A teenager, a young adult -- mature, but not quite. All the above, squished into a ball and stuffed into my head, along with a monthly overdose of hormones, is too much for me to handle. But who am I to complain about being stressed, when some of my friends go through so much worse?



Somebody please say something to make it all better. )':

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