Sunday, April 11, 2010

Decisions, decisions...

There's been a lot of talk in my house about what I'm going to do after SPM.

(Ooh, see how I start off so article-like. That's my hook right there. Hehe.)

I know I want to go into medicine, although I haven't quite decided what to specialise in yet. I have something in mind, which you'll have to scroll to the bottom of this post and click 'Read more' to see. Anyway, I'm only seventeen, so it could change drastically in the future. What I know is that I am going to be doing medicine because:
a) I want to be a doctor and help people,
b) I love Biology, so it seems fitting, and
c) my mother makes a 'THAT'S WHY WE NEED A DOCTOR IN THE FAMILY, JAN' crack every half a chance she gets.

So. What we're talking about all the time at home is how I'm going to do it.

Right now, I'm considering either AUSMAT or A-levels. Probably the former (it's cheaper and shorter), but I don't know which college to go to. I hear Taylor's is popular but overrated, and HELP is good for pre-u, but then there are other names popping up -- INTI, Stamford, Nilai... It's all very confusing.

Seniors out there, are you or is anyone you know doing medicine? Any advice on where to go? Help would be much appreciated -- I'm as lost as anything. Thankyou so much!

(I'd been meaning to post this for a while. Reading Jacie's blog made me finally get down to it.)

About my possible specialist course. Psychiatry's looking like a viable option, but I've never actually waved it around. Two years ago, a friend of mine, upon finding out shrieked, "Why?! You gotta deal with crazy people, you know!"

Yes, I know. One of the reasons I want to be a doctor is to help people, and I want to be able to do that in areas where people don't get a lot of it. There's this huge social stigma regarding mental illness, which I think is really unfair, since mental illnesses do not a person make. There are so many sides to a person, so just labeling them as 'crazy' and not wanting to have anything to do with them is a terrible thing to do. Inside all the 'craziness' is a normal person, miserable and desperate, because their neuroses are not who they are.

If I'm willing to put myself into a position where I can help these people, who are you to condemn it? I don't think it's deserving of all the negative remarks I get thrown at me at all.

So the secret's out of the bag. It's not definite, anyway. Comments? 


  1. Hahah Jan, seems u still havnt let ur future decided, medicine... im in the same thing too, thought of specializing in Anesthesiology, saving lives are like to me a priceless feeling. Ive got 2 aunties and an uncle whom are doctors, and ive done research on it. Its best for Metriculation if u wanna go medics, but anything with science is good enough, then u cn go to several college that only got in medicine, dat would be best, i thought of going to Aussie/Russsia, but its up to you also, dont forget after finishing medicine (5 years) we have to serve in gov. hospital for 2-3 years, then we're free to go.

    Psychiatry aint just abt crazy ppl i tell u, stressed out people are ur main target actually, so if chance the ppl hu said to u abt crazy ppl, mayb they'll end up as ur patients xDD

  2. I heard Russia's supposed to be good for medic, but it's so farrr. :S Haha, yep! I think it's two years, serving in UM or something.

    Funnyyyyy. Maybe la. xD

  3. if you wanna take up meds, be prepared to spend 7 years of ur life toiling in studies and research n things liddat >_____<

  4. haha RUSSIA is cool! u gt to speak funny every day~! i hate serving gov. ill get the hell out to some private hospital haha

    I went to one Psych bfore, coz i was warded due to an unknown head disease =P

  5. Sigh. Another seven years of 'school'. :S What did you do, Jess?

  6. Azim: Russia is COLD. :S Haha, meanie. Eh? Why? What happened?

  7. its easy, eat fish and BE A MAN! i had to sleep nude in 0 degrees bfore wasnt so bad *achoo*.
    I dunno, blood test said nothing, ct scan the result was too weird, no doctor was sure wat i got :P


    Eee. :S But you're okay, right?

  9. oh yaeh, i 4gt abt dat :P. ALL CLOTHES WET, LAZY TO GET NEW ONES, SO ZZZZZ

    haha u think im normal rite nw? hahahaha

  10. You should not worry about it yet. You have ample time after SPM. Focus on SPM, that is months away. I think that's the thing you should do for now.

    You know, we will have too many doctors in Malaysia!

  11. Yeah, don't stress! I only like speculating on courses just acause it makes me :).

    It's cool that you wanna do psychiatry, but I always thought, since you're putting out the same amount $$ and time, why limit yourself to just being a head doc? (Tee hee, psychiatry was on my list when I was younger before I found out I hated science.)

    BEFORE BEFORE BEFFOOOORE choosing colleges, decide
    1) which country you want to further studies in
    2) which undergrad course

    Take it step by step, considering everything all at once is booo.

  12. Carrots: Well there is that obsession you have with carrots... :P

    Angelyn: I guess I just want to have some sort of direction? Might give me a bit of motivation to study. (: I do see where you're coming from, tho, I rly should focus on that. Thanks for your input! (: Haha, I wanna work in Australia and marry a mat salleh. :P

    Jacie: But why does it make you (:? It's every other student's worst nightmare! :S You have to be a qualified doctor before going into psychiatry, it's a specialist course. I guess you could see 'specialising' as 'limiting', but I do think I'd rather be a pakar in a bidang people don't get much help from. (: Alright. Thanks, Jacie! ;D

  13. I left this uber long comment here! O.o Where oh where did it go?

  14. I've stopped screening my comments, so idk. :S Lost in cyberspace, ish. Could you please recap, just a short one? D:

  15. Same thing happened to me as to Chuan Yang. But I retyped it, Huijan - your turn to be touched. I (: because right now studying biochemphymaths makes me D': very badly. And my mom and sister are being supportive.

  16. Recap eh? Umm, I recommend A-Levels, cause its more widely recognised than AUSMAT or SAM or ICPU. STPM is recommended if you wanna enter a local university. Don't limit yourself too early though.


    Taylor's is a good place, although expensive. They offer full scholarships to people who get like 11A1s or something and enter in January though. I dunno what the latest requirements are.

    INTI is known for their American Degree Programs. Recommended if you want to go to the US, instead of taking the A-Level plus SAT route.

    Sunway. Ermm. I really dunno. Their Monash University Foundation Year is popular, and you get a discount or something when you go for Monash University after your pre-u. Malaysian campus only.

    And you need to start thinking about English language proficiency tests like IELTS or TOEFL (Google them, I dunno what they stand for either:) or maybe even the SAT1 and SAT2 if you plan for Singapore and the US. The National University of Singapore don't accept forecast results, they want you to take the SAT.

    Having said all that, Jacie is right. You need to decide WHERE and WHAT you want to study first.

    Ermm, I know I just gave you a huge clotted pile of information, so just ask me if you need help. =)

  17. Jacie: I am! Thankyou! :DDD You've started studying so early? THIS is why got got first! D:<

    Chuan Yang: Thanks so much, big bro! :D Well, I know I want to study medicine. Probably in the country, although the degree needs to be recognised in other places.

    Monash, from what I hear, is hella expensive. Plus, the fees go up by 20% every year. :S The thing with A-levels is that it's longer and TWICE the price or AUSMAT. Why is that?

    Oh, now the English papers for SPM are sent to be marked following the British system, so at the bottom of the results slip is the IELTS (OR SOMETHING, IDK!) grade.

  18. starting to attempt studying them takes about 2 weeks. So I think I got my schedule all right - but I didn't take into account the dancing 3days a week until 5 pm.

    I thought it was 1119?

  19. Yup, its 1119. And its a GCE O-Level qualification. Which means that most UK universities will accept it as proof that you speak English well. But you need to check. US universities will probably prefer TOEFL, and the rest of the world seem to prefer IELTS. IDK why. XD

    The A-Level syllabus is quite extensive. It's actually a two year course, but in Malaysia, they cut the time down to one and half years, so that Malaysian students can apply to UK unis on time. I don't really know about AUSMAT, but I do know that they don't cover as much in their studies as A-Level students. That's why it's almost half the time taken for A-Levels. And also why it's not as widely recognised. They fulfil the syllabus requirements of Australian unis, but not much else.