Saturday, April 24, 2010

Blogger update

Blogger now has spellcheck for its new Post Editor!

This makes me a very happy blogger. Like I said before, when I'm on the laptop, I use Internet Explorer (my dad complains that I lose all his tabs when I use Firefox) which doesn't have those helpful red squiggly lines when I make a typo. Now that Blogger's finally added spellcheck to its new Post Editor, expect less or no spelling mistakes from now on!

I now officially declare my love for the new Post Editor. With the new Jump Break feature, easier picture uploading, and text background colour changer (it works like a highlighter!), what's not to love? Also, it has a button for strikethroughing strikethroughs, something I used to have to write the HTML myself for. The only thing missing now that the old Post Editor had is an Upload Video button. It doesn't affect me, since I've only ever uploaded one video that I took, but I'm sure the button is on its way for the vloggers out there.

Oh, Blogger, I love you so. No moe speelling mistakes frmo me, you'll seee!


  1. teach your dad bookmark all tabs, or just simply get another user account. :)

  2. I never thought of setting up another user account! Thanks so much for your suggestions! :D