Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pre-BRATs posts BRATs post

'Blogs almost daily', says the blurb about me in R.AGE today. The last time I blogged was before BRATs, on the 12th. The workshop ended on the 16th, at around one p.m. Whoops.

In my defense, I had to wait for my flight, which got delayed. Twice. I spent a total of three hours in the Penang airport yesterday, on the McDonald's wifi (I can't blog on my phone, it seems) and doing a basic draft of my blog post on BRATs. It's gonna be pretty freaking long, so I think I'll split it into either two or four posts, depending on how long I ramble for each day.

Oh, if you're here because you saw me in the papers/on the R.AGE website, hello. My name is Hui Jan and I kind-of-but-not-really adore Niki Cheong. He is the Sharm to my Sean. (BRATs inside joke, sorry.) When he very matter-of-factly told me, "I want to feature your blog in R.AGE", I just gaped at him and went, "Uh". Inwardly, I was having a bit of a fangirl moment.

Niki, if you're reading this, please stop rolling your eyes -- you might strain them. We bodoh mampus people made you roll your eyes a lot over the course of those four days, I'm guessing.

Anyway, BRATs. It was super freaking awesome, and I miss those crazies a lot. Expect the BRATs posts in, um, a few days or so? Or should I get down to business sooner, being a young journalist and all? Oh, dear, I'm being rather lembab right now, aren't I? (Ivy, I really hope you aren't reading this.)

Okay, I'll get day one and possibly day two up by tomorrow. For now, though, you can check out the Tumblr the BRATs were allowed to update as and when we liked. It was a great idea -- kudos to whoever came up with it.

Sing is King!

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