Sunday, March 28, 2010

ICC & Earth Hour 2010

Yesterday was special -- ICC and Earth Hour!

There's nothing I want to say about ICC that hasn't already been said. Imho, ICC last year was better, but maybe that's because this year's lacked someone. I'm talking about you, Sze Li. );

I wasn't able to mingle and socialise very much, but I got to meet Izzul and Chooi Fun, and thanked Victoria in person for all her help. It was so nice to see Sara and Jaishree again! Also, As everyone was filing into the hall, I was standing a little way from the door; each time I saw a familiar face, you'd hear a loud, high-pitched "HI!!" (replied to in the same manner if the familiar face belonged to a girl). And it wasn't just me -- everywhere, people were greeting and hugging one another, and it was so nice to see. Such a nice atmosphere.

I don't have any photos, unfortunately, nor did I pose for very many -- exactly two, if my memory serves me right. Oh, well.

Congrats to my homo and Khairul, Sarah and Chong, and Samad's Dance Club! They all got first place in the Singing, Modern Dance, and Traditional Dance categories respectively. Samadians represent!!

On a personal level, for me, ICC was good. Met new friends, had a mini-reunion with old friends, gave and received so many hugs I lost count. Oh, I got a hug from Khairul! He gets my Most Huggable Person Award, for sure. He's like a walking teddy bear! I don't mean this in a bad way, okay. 'Huggable', according to Janie, is a very nice compliment to receive.

On to Earth Hour.

At precisely eight-thirty p.m., my mother announced the time and I got up and turned all electrical appliances (save for the fridge) off. The house was in total darkness, and we were drenched in sweat in no time thanks to the lovely, sweltering Malaysian weather.

Upon finding myself with nothing to do, I realised that Earth Hour is a very good time to think about how dependent we human beings are on electricity, and how sad that fact is. Admittedly, I didn't get very far -- exhausted after ICC and my driving lesson, I fell asleep.

At nine-thirty, I was awakened by the sounds of the TV from downstairs. Groggily, I dragged myself to the bathroom for a shower and went to bed straight after.

So yeah. Earth Hour 2010 was extremely uneventful for me.

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