Monday, March 22, 2010

BRATs -- Day Four (16/3/10)

The morning of the fourth day was fun for me, since I'd already finished and handed in my assignments. I mostly talked and camwhored with people. Hee. It was the video editors who were stressing, figuring out soundtracks, which parts to cut out, etc. I played no part in the editing of videos. Please keep this in mind.

We were sent to pack, and returned to the ballroom with our luggage. Me with my 'obsession with the Algorithm March' (according to Sean, anyway), I rounded up a bunch of us to do the march along the corridor outside the ballroom. 'Cause we're cool like that.

Then came the time for us to show everyone our work. Omg, our St. Xavier's Institution Marching Band video and temple soundslide were pretty epic fail. The script for the voiceover of the latter was messed-up, and the former was just...messed-up in its entirety, kind of. Example:

Me: So how did you guys fare in the Malaysia World Band Competition?
Band captain: Oh, we got sixth place.
Me: Wow, sixth place, in the whole world! How many bands took part?
Band captain: Seven.

The best part is, upon reflection, he probably meant seven countries. I'd interviewed a band member, and he'd told me there were twenty plus bands, with more than one from each country. Remember I said that St. Xavier's Institution's Ivy's old school? She joked that I hate her and therefore put that part in. Like I said, I played no part in editing of videos!

We got great advice from Ivy and Niki, though. It made me think our work could still be made into something if we were given the chance to touch things up, with the pointers they gave in mind. They did laugh at us, and they did facepalm, but in the end, they gave us some really practical advice and taught us so much.

That's probably the whole workshop, in a nutshell -- they laugh, they facepalm, they roll their eyes (okay, fine, only Niki rolled his eyes), but in the end, they teach and correct. And I do believe that I learned a lot.

The eyeroll, caught on camera:

I especially liked Team Yam's soundslide, if only because of Eureka's voice. She lived in the US for a while, and speaks with an American accent. Jasmine's pics in the photo essay were really nice as well.

We all got tips and pointers on how to improve our work, and a debriefing by Ivy and Niki. We;re part of the R.AGE family now, apparently, and are free to submit articles or story ideas to them. Gosh. Seeing my name and article printed in a newspaper would be a dream come true for me.

Anyway, it ended then, but it certainly wouldn't have been complete without a mass camwhoring session, which of course ensued. I got pics with Niki and Sharm, and got them to write something for me in my notebook. I think, behind the eyerolling, sarcastic remarks (Niki), and businesslike persona (Sharm, on assignments), they're both really nice people.

It was in the middle of all this when Niki decided to announce that Sean Sing, group leader of Sing is King, is actually an intern at R.AGE. We felt so tricked! You're not one of us, Sean -- you're one of them! Haha, I kid. We still love our king!

After getting our fill of camwhoring and hugging, we filtered out of the ballroom and had our last lunch at the hotel restaurant. We said our final farewells to those who had to leave immediately after. A bunch of us hung out at the hotel lobby, killing time before our flight/killing time before our bus/waiting for our parents to arrive.

Steph and I got a cab to the airport. We checked in and she headed to her gate after a while. My flight had been postponed (and would later be postponed a second time), so I got a drink and plonked myself down at McDonald's -- free wifi.

Saw quite a few BRATs at the airport. At McDonald's, I saw Himmat as well as Claire and Calson who were on their way to their gate. At the gates later I saw Himmat again, Jasmine, and Kevin. Met up with Kaelan there, since we were on the same flight again.

In the plane, Kaelan and I were a few rows apart, owing to the fact that I'd checked in way before him. It didn't matter, though, since I slept through most of the flight.

So ends my report on the BRATs Penang 2010 workshop. Four days long, it felt both like a very long time, and way too short. I miss the assignments, the people, the games, the ballroom, the learning, the bad jokes -- I miss everything. I had an utterly amazing time, thanks to everyone there. Here's to a #BratsPg (that's our hashtag on Twitter) reunion sometime soon.

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