Sunday, February 7, 2010

Road Run!

In my past four years in Samad, I have only ever run during Road Run once. Tally:

Form One - Operation, and was therefore out of commission.
Form Two - Ran.
Form Three - Sick.
Form Four - Opted to stay back and help the teachers.

This being my last year in Samad (cue sadfacing), I vowed that I would run this year, even if it killed me. And I'm proud to say that I did, and it didn't. (:

Honestly, Road Run has to be one of my favourite events in school. Once you're done with your run, you sit around with your friends and cheer other people on, whether you know them or not. Plus, you don't have to worry about looking like an idiot for cheering for people you don't know, 'cause that's not how school spirit works. If you're in the same house, you're buds; if you're in rival houses, you're fake-enemies for the day.

Prefects were on duty today, although we weren't in uniform. Hashbul and I were in charge of 4A, and took turns going to get our respective numbers (you know, the sheets you pin to the front of your shirt -- I was D602). Mr. Elvin was with us, looking very prosperous in his bright red polo shirt. We handed out numbers and safety pins and took attendance. Then we herded everyone up to the multipurpose court, posing for photos along the way.

So we were supposed to line them up in their running classes -- P1, P2, P3 and L1, L2, L3 -- on said multipurpose court. Okay. JJ, Hwa Hong, and I went around trying to get things in order, when I saw everyone in P1 (my class) on the other side of the court. And a teacher raising a whistle to his lips. And then I think I swore, I can't remember.

They were bloody starting without me and JJ.

So off I run, looking everywhere for Jiunn Jie before they actually left without us, but to no avail. I dumped the task on Hwa Hong, and frantically made my way to the starting line, but by then, they had already sounded the horn and everyone had started and I must've looked like a real slowcoach, running way behind them. I'd made my way to my friends and informed them that we'd left JJ behind, when she suddenly pops up from behind me, looking rather freaked out, complaining that she didn't know they'd started. Poor JJ.

I was supposed to run with Sze Li who was also with Ee Won and Sue Ching, but they started walking after a round around the field. With their blessing, I continued jogging and left them behind, still pumped with adrenalin from trying unsuccessfully to locate JJ and being left behind.

After a while of experimenting, I devised a plan: Uphill, walk. Downhill, run. Flat land, jog or walk. It seemed like a good plan and certainly served me well, since I lasted the whole four kilometers without, you know, collapsing or anything. I finished the run in thirty-seven minutes. That time for that distance isn't exactly very awesome or anything, but I'm happy with it anyway. Heck, I'm happy I made the time allotted for the girls, forty-five minutes.

There was once when I was breathing almost scarily fast, when I was on Pn. Sri Khoo's road. I used to be asthmatic, and some chemicals (and sometimes smoke) still give my lungs a hard time, but I don't own an inhaler. I looked up at the blue, blue sky and asked God to please don't let me faint or start hyperventilating or anything, because I really wanted to finish that run. A little later, I felt better, and as I passed Pn. Sri Khoo's house, I wondered if it was the bad memories that triggered that. :P

When I was nearing the finish line, Harman jogged with me, egging me on. It was so seriously nice of him, especially since I was convinced I couldn't run anymore, near as the end was. Aaron was at the slope taking photos, and he told me to run when all I wanted to do was crawl. And then I saw the benches all lined up for separate classes and heard my friends calling my name and ran and finished the dang run.

Gosh, was I happy after I'd caught my breath. Euphoric, even. I'd finished the run and made the time, the latter I failed to do when I ran in Form Two. Sarah, JJ, Tresa, Choo Hong, and Melinda were all already there, and we sat around in a smelly, sweaty circle, waiting for the rest. One by one, our friends reached the finish line, and we yelled and screamed and cheered for them as well as other people from our respective houses. Banshees, we were. Especially me. Like I said, euphoric.

So then we were all one big stinky group of Form Fives sitting in the middle of the teachers' carpark, talking and laughing and cheering. Sze Li didn't feel so good, but ran anyway, which I'm proud of her for. She made it, okay. (: I hope we didn't...overwhelm her or anything when we all crowded around to see if she was all right.

I spent the rest of the time hanging out with friends, just hanging, because there was nothing else to do. Hwa Hong, Nico, Donovan, and I stayed in the gym, stinking it up good and proper, since the fans were on in there. Because we had nothing else to do, Nico took out his phone and the four of us crowded around it to watch, um, Red Soldier...something, I can't remember. They were all haw-hawing over the soldiers and shooting and supposedly 'yeng' scenes, and I didn't get it at all. Such guys, they are. Chh. Haha.

Then we had to go return our numbers to our respective class teachers, and from there, I joined my group at the Soundmasters' place on the first floor of Block A. At my request, they played Bad Romance, and we all sat there in a row, singing along and looking down at the people below us. It gave me a very top-of-the-world, we-rule-and-you-don't feeling, which is a very teenager thing. Rather than shun it, I decided to enjoy it while I still can.

And now the story takes a rather boring turn, since after that was the prize-giving and a lot of us had to stand outside the ridiculously packed gym, consequently not being able to hear very much. I suppose I shall end my story here, since I don't have anything more to blog about since I couldn't hear.

Road Run is just awesome la. I mean, yeah, you're tired and stinky and sweaty, but everyone's tired and stinky and sweaty, and, most importantly, happy. Plus, you can just hang out with whoever, go around kacau-ing people, 'cause everyone's in a good mood and it's all very casual. Singing along to Bad Romance was an added bonus.

I'm sad and glad at the same time that this was my last Road Run. Sad that it's my last, but glad that my last one went well. Never mind, I'll do something a little un-Hui Jan and cling to the happy side of it. Road Run was fun. (:

Credit to Ishaq for the photo.

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