Sunday, February 28, 2010

One Day Camp

I have nothing good to say about it. The only bonding we did was when we were bitching about how awful it was together, and even that was with my own group of friends.

They came in, insisting on changing everything, from the way we conduct assembly to the way we treat students. Students are students, not freaking criminals. They do not deserve to be treated the way they want us to treat them. They barge in, not knowing a thing about the way we do things, and they want to change it up. What the hell. There is nothing wrong with the current protocol -- why try to fix something that isn't broken?

And the new rules for hair and attire we'd never heard of in our lives were insane. No way we're implementing all that crap. Also, I did not like the way they treated us. We did not deserve so much of that. At all.

I hated One Day Camp. Thank God it's my last year and I never have to go through it again.


  1. What's this One Day Camp about? Sounds pretty sucky to me...

    Yes, Chuan Li is growing really fast. And the girls like him. LOL. Good for him though. Some girls like tall guys. Not all, but some. And I know he's attached. I mean he tries to hide it and all, but I've been there, done that, and all the tell-tale signs are there. XD Plus I know my brother like the back of my hand. He is most definitely involved. *cough*

  2. It's a prefect camp, for the seniors to bond with the juniors. Bah.

    Haha! Must be the drums. Girls dig guys who play instruments. :P Wowww. So Chuan Li's gotten into it, huh? How bad?

  3. I have no idea how bad....ask him! But nicely lol.

    Yeah, I know what you mean. T?he only thing I liked about those camps was being a senior.....XD

  4. Yeah, that's the thing. Seniors usually facilitate One Day Camp, not some epic fail outside 'motivasi' group.