Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Om nom nom

Chinese New Year goes hand-in-hand with overeating. The answer, in a word: Relatives.

It being a major Chinese festival when the whole family comes together, both sides of the family outdo themselves when it comes to cooking. There's lots and lots and lots of everything, enough to feed an army, and they will get offended and/or upset if you do not eat lots and lots and lots of it. "Just take a little bit" becomes "Have some more la, why you take so little?" and then "Come, come, help finish this -- little bit more only". It's literally impossible to say no, because it appears that persistence is in my genes, and they've had years more experience than I. They just dump it on my plate when push comes to shove, anyway.

That's not to say CNY isn't enjoyable. It is nice, although not as nice as Christmas. Maybe it's a result of us being so Westernised, but I much prefer Christmas to CNY. CNY pretty much just means food to me -- ang pau booty is sent straight to the bank, so that's no fun. (It's not like there's anything I really want to buy, anyway.) And I detest that loud, jarring CNY music.

My favourite part, though, is yee sang. Which we are going to have for lunch, which I have to go get ready for now. See you, people.

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