Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!

Hello, world. Coming to you live from my grandfather's desktop -- hooray for technologically-savvy relatives. Been eating a lot and lazing around a lot, and I'm going to come back really fat, but whatever. Life's good right now.

Chinese festivals make me so glad to be Chinese. I mean, there's yee sang at Chinese New Year, tong yuen during the winter solstice, mooncake during mooncake festival... Being Chinese is an amazing thing, there is so much good food. It's a wonder we don't all carry 'obese' genes or something. I'm sorry, I sound rather dumb right now. It's hot and I'm full and not really, you know, thinking. Proper update when I get home.

For now, my grandad just brought out some tong sui which I need to start working on.

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