Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Diary of Anne Frank

Now the trying part about me is that I criticise and scold myself far more than anyone else does. Then if Mummy adds her bit of advice the pile of sermons becomes so insurmountable that in my despair I become rude and start contradicting and then, of course, the old well-known Anne watchword comes back: "No one understands me!" The phrase sticks in my mind; I know it sounds silly, yet there is some truth in it. I often accuse myself to such an extent that I simply long for a word of comfort, for someone who could give me sound advice and also draw out some of my real self; but, alas, I keep on looking, but I haven't found anyone yet.


  1. i think i found my person last year. she calls me out on everything. tells me what i'm doing wrong. that yes, it is infact, my fault. i've never had that. i love her. i hope you find yours jan ♥

  2. I am that person among my friends. Not just brutally, but blatantly honest, if there's such a thing. I do get that from one of my friends, though.

    That part really got me. She summed up how I used to feel (and still do feel sometimes) in a way I never could, in a way that didn't sound all whiny and pathetic. Admirable.

    I'm glad you found your person, Lizzy. Everyone needs someone like that in their lives. <3