Monday, February 1, 2010


I don't normally update my blog with my daily stuff, but it has been ooone busy weekend. Yesterday, I had my driving practical, and I can now turn and signal and U-turn and do roundabouts and start/stop on a slope! (All this in first gear, ahaha.) Then was a two-hour badminton session which must've tired me out very much, since I went to bed at eight p.m. I am so very dead for the road run, which my mom reminded me is this coming Saturday. Excuse me while I crawl under my bed and not come out till exactly a week from now.

Today, I went to Mid Valley with my dad to finally watch Avatar. To be honest, if I'd walked into the cinema with no expectations, I would've been rather impressed; however, after hearing all the hype from, well, everywhere, I was a bit disappointed. Yes, the graphics were amazing, but the storyline was just okay. I couldn't help thinking how the Na'vi could've just been some aboriginal tribe somewhere, which would've made the story a little bit different.

I was freaking freezing in the cinema, as well as starving. In fact, I was so hungry that when we went to Carl's Jr after, I finished a whole burger by myself. Plus fries. For those of you who don't know, this is serious business, because those Carl's Jr burgers are insanely huge. Anyway. Consequently, I was not able to eat dinner. Go me.

Didn't get much shopping done; Mid Valley was so crowded, and I swear retail outlets jack up the prices and have 'sales' during the festive season. Oh, Chinese New Year, how I long for that one week break.

Oh, my dad let me pick a book from MPH as part of my belated birthday present, and I chose Middlesex. I've heard of it before and thought it was about a transsexual, but my dad says it's really about a hermaphrodite. Flipping through it, it looked interesting, so I picked that. Hooray for open-minded parents! He also got me the (original) Talentime DVD. We'll all probably watch that next weekend, my whole family.

It's almost eleven, gosh. I need to stop talking. Typing. Whichever.

Goodnight, world. Hope to see you soon. All seven continents of you.

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