Friday, January 22, 2010

Seventeen Forever

It's the title of a Metro Station song, which I promised myself I would play to death when I hit seventeen. OH, IPOD, WHEREFORE ART THOU?

Okay, today has seriously been amazing. I mean it. Amazing. I have the best, most incredible, awesome, amazing, wonderful, amazing, amazing friends in the whole, entire universe, and YOU WISH YOU HAD FRIENDS LIKE MINE. (I'm seventeen, but talking like I'm eight. Some things never change, eh?) My insane friends got me three cakes -- one was shared amongst us, one is for my family and me, and the third was shared amongst the good people at My Elephant.

Speaking of My Elephant, Sze Li, Timmy, and I went there for lunch. On the house. Seriously, I wasn't sure whether to believe them or not, and when it turned out to be real, I didn't know who to thank. And then as we were finishing, Timothy decides he needed the toilet and Sze Li suddenly needed to wash her hands. And the fans were turned off and I was like, "Oh, shit." OH MY GOSH, THANKYOU TIMOTHY AND SZE LI AND TIMOTHY'S MOM!

Also, right, there is a story behind the shared-with-friends cake.

The first period was PJ, so they'd figured they could bring out the cake then and sing and stuff. Thing was, our PJ teacher was absent, so we had a replacement teacher -- Pn. Eu Choi Lin. Pn. Eu is known to be really, REALLY strict, so their plan was a bust. Thing was, JJ (who had mysteriously disappeared) didn't know this, and neither did Chong nor Melinda, who'd gone to get the cake with her. Timothy gallantly saved their butts by telling teacher he needed the loo (which he got screamed at for: "But you just got into school!!") and stopping them as they were on their way to the classroom. Of course, I knew none of this, but knew something was up, as:

a) Sze Li had gone, "Um, Hui Jan, afterwards ar, don't go straight for PJ, you know. Let's go upstairs and put our bags first la, today's bag so heavy." Today is Friday. We had all of three subjects to bring. I laughed, I couldn't help it. Sorry, Sze Li!

b) Jiunn Jie had, as I said, mysteriously disappeared.

So after Puan Eu leaves, we start getting out Bio stuff and the next thing I know, there is this crowd outside the classroom and JJ's walking in with a Secret Recipe cake. And then everyone's singing and I don't know where to look, since it was the third time that day people were singing that song. And then I pretend to blow out the unlit candles (LIGHTERS AREN'T ALLOWED IN SCHOOL, LOLOL) and we brought the cake along to Bio.

JJ told me that the poor things had to hide in the Interact room, sitting on the dusty floor, to wait for Pn. Eu to leave. The four of them -- her, Timmy, Chong, and Melinda -- were so bored and hot, since the Interact room has no fan. I was laughing when she told me. It's not that I, you know, delight in their misery, it's just the story was so ridiculous. All that for me, n'awww.

And Sze Li, Timmy and Sarah made me this collage thing that I REALLYREALLY love 'cause it has all of my favourite things on it. Bet it was Sze Li's idea. It's so her. <3

Also, Timmy drew Bandit for me! These two gifts make me so happy, 'cause I love anything to do with paper -- writing, drawings, collages...

AND, as per my request, my friends collected money to be donated to PAWS in my name. I didn't want a cake or anything, I just told them I wanted a collection for PAWS. And they did it!

I am seriously running out of time here, 'cause I have tuition to attend in a bit and stuff to do before that, but yeah, it's been a freaking amazing day so far. Thankyou to eeeveryone who played a part in it, especially Sze Li, Timothy, Sarah, Jiunn Jie, Chong, and Melinda, and EVERYONE at My Elephant. I love you people so much, okay. Thankyou! <3

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