Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Y'know, I'm not exactly in favour of highschool relationships and stuff because I am a huge realist/pessimist, but when some people get into relationships, I can't help but aww. A lot.

(Yes, 'aww' is a verb now. Shh.)

Sometimes, if it's just the one person, you know, if they're really innocent and cute and stuff. I aww even more if the couple is adorable. I just heard about a friend of mine and am aww-ing my face off. Seriously, it's so unlikely but so cute to see him all lovey-dovey.

To be honest, though, I think most girls would agree that it's cute to see any guy all lovey-dovey, since most guys want to be all macho and act like idiots.

Don't yell at me -- I said 'most', not 'all'.

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